"Inspiring organizations to develop people by experiential learning."


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Justwork started in 2016 by a group of young minds who has the passion for making impacts and people development; able to partner with clients as an external vendor to help deliver key objectives through unique & innovative experiential learning programme/team building games as a tool.

“Team building is not just a one-off event; it is a step in the progress for a better future of organisations”

This remains our priority, our belief in the future of team building. This message has transformed into actions of our clients, bridging the gap of what was lacking from the service provider of the same industry. Similar to academic learning, there is always a plan, progress, review, adjustments, achievable(s). Whilst other vendors look to deliver a “one-time” event,

Justwork sees much beyond it, to “start with the end in mind”.


Understanding thoroughly the client’s expectations, corporate believes, ultimate objectives, and the participants before the event to plan, deliver, review, and achieve the ultimate objective as a partner for our clients. Our professional consultants with decades of experience and HR relevant academic background adds to each consultation with the client to ensure each step of “progress” is carefully choreographed to help our client, building a robust organization, high team spirit, healthy culture and high performing team.

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