Change Management

Participants(per session): 10-20

Duration: 1 day

Target Audience

  • This training workshop is designed for those who have a responsibility for leading and managing people through workplace change.

Course Aim

  • The change management workshop will provide leaders and managers with clear insights on how to effectively motivate people through corporate culture or organisational change.

  • The training will equip delegates with some effective skills and knowledge for managing and communicating change.

Course Objectives

 By the end of this one day workshop, the participants will have:

  • Understood the impact of organisational change on people

  • Identified ways they can positively lead and motivate people through cultural or organisational change

  • Developed skills for effectively communicating change

  • Identified ways they can help team members cope with change

  • To help participants to achieve greater chances of success by developing their ability to successfully collaborate with others at different levels.

  • The training will help them demonstrate a positive impact by means of a strong personal brand and to develop their influencing skills to achieve more of their desired outcomes.

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