Looking for more than just ordering pizza and turkey for your team party? Why don't you cook with your colleague?
"Cook with Santa" your team will make signature festival dinner together!


Raise up your champagne glass and share dishes with your team.
Dress up! It's party time, it's one of the best celebration in this winter.


Christmas would not be completed without joyful & festive music! Now you can have a chance to learn to play different instruments, and conduct a jolly song with your team with "Merry Big Band"! 

SantA brewlab

Gingerbread, puddings, Christmas cake, and BEER! The name says it all. "Santa Brewlab" gives you and your team a chance to create your very own Team Christmas Beer!

Santa will be challenging you with mini games too! Get ready for some fun in this Christmas! 

santa's secret
(charity elements)

Reindeer and elf are busy wrapping all the presents for good children around the world but... WHERE'S SANTA? Santa has gone missing and it's now up to you to SAVE Christmas! Investigate the clues, follow the hints, putting your brains together and work as one team to find Santa, see what secrets he has to hide!
The children's smile depends on you now!

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