Working in a fulfilling career can dramatically increase happiness, self-confidence, and productivity, and consequently, improve a company's performance. Assessment can always open up a window to potential opportunities by helping your employees uncover the tasks, experience, education and training needed in the long run.

The results are merely suggestions based on that assessment and our certificated trainers would provide 1 to 1 coaching session/workshop.

Implementing this assessment, the company will benefit:

  • Make your employees feel appreciated, Reducing employee turnover

  • Work towards a feeling of empowerment which increases productivity

  • Free up management time on HRM, Allowing executives to focus more on running the company as opposed to micromanaging employees

  • Suggestions provided by the professional external trainer, it makes an employee more willing to discuss in comfort and open environment


DISC Maps in an innovative coaching/training approach with a DISC model, using the Mapstell methodology. As an official partner and Hong Kong Ambassador of Mapstell BV, Justwork manages DISC Maps as a separate brand in the territory and provide assessment, corporate workshop, coaching

and Train-the-Trainer programme.

Hence - the service is provided by us, our Professional Coaches and Trainers!


To know more about details and price, please visit the brand website.



DISC Maps - we use the PersonalMapping™ that is based on the DISC personality system. Mr Sebastiaan Rompa, The Founder of Mapstell reinforced this model by adding a visual layer: the World of Difference. The names of cities, mountains and rivers in this map tell everything about the differences in behaviour.


The map invites you to discover your own behaviour and then, literally, step into someone else’s world. We offer a contemporary, positive and impactful alternative to lengthy and often somewhat dull and complex assessment reports. From personal development, achieving joint perspectives to literally mapping leadership styles, the World of Difference offers countless possibilities.

PersonalMapping™ is your own behavioural style represented as a full colour stunningly detailed map, with all the features – cities, rivers, mountains and seas – shown as your characteristics and personality traits. Based on a simple set of questions that you answer, our system creates a remarkably accurate profile of not only your behavioural style, but also any challenges that you may want to work on or develop, and how others around you perceive you and how you relate to them. You will get to know and understand yourself and others much better. With PersonalMapping™ you literally put yourself on the map!

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