Participants: 25-150

Location: Indoor

Duration: 3 to 4 hours


Time Management


Resources Control

Big Picture

Risk & Change Management

Think out of box

Event Overview

Dream City re-enacts the real challenges of architects and city planners who built the very city you are residing in right now. The aim of Dream city is for the group to devise a plan and build a giant model city that not only relies on creativity but also heavily on city planning and resources control between the design and builds teams.


Teams are assigned to build a section of the entire model city of different zones. Teams must collaborate to devise a plan for the city to ensure all roads, rivers, crosswalks and other conjunctions are interconnected seamlessly, and joint in sync with other teams’ sections neighbouring in the city as ONE. Using a variety of materials, teams will brainstorm, communicate and interact with members to build the city from imagination to reality. When the time is up, teams will join each section of the city together and glimpse over the stunningly beautiful city they have built as one team.

Learning & Development

In Dream City, teams will be working together with a common goal and a shared strategy, which they will need to create with abounding creativity and detailed project management skills. In order for the zones to connect seamlessly, cross-team communication and collaboration becomes the essential elements needed, while planning, strategy, resource & time management are also the fundamental skills needed to perfect the project on time.

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