Effective Presentation Skills

Participants(per session): 10-20

Duration: 1 days

Target Audience

  • For those with experience of presenting who want to improve their communication delivery style and the impact of their presentations. In addition, we also run training courses for those new to making presentations, as well as advanced presentation skills and public speaking training and coaching.

  • For those making presentations within a sales context, we will adapt the course to meet your specific needs and assign you one of our sales training consultants.


Course Aim

  • To provide participants with the skills and knowledge to present professionally and confidently whilst engaging well with the audience. Participants will have the opportunity to make three short presentations and will receive feedback on their current presentation style as well as ideas to enhance their delivery.


Course Objectives

 By the end of this one day workshop, the participants will have:

  • Practiced projecting and vary the pitch, pace and tone of their voice to gain and retain audience interest and reinforce the presentation messages.

  • Used posture and movement to give additional impact to verbal messages rather than distract or irritate the audience.

  • Reviewed how to prepare presentations and visual aids to be interesting, persuasive and to communicate key messages.

  • Identified the best ways to interact with the audience, control and handle challenging individuals.

  • Applied their learning to a work presentation and received feedback on their style and impact in presenting.

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