Moon Landing 

Participants: 10+

Duration: 1 hour

Being a member of a space crew on an expedition to the moon, schedule to rendezvous with a mother ship, you now face a critical situation, with mechanical difficulties and failure, your own ship was forced to land at location 300 miles from the rendezvous point. Much of the on board equipment were damaged during the mechanical failure. You must now gather critical items to survive and priorities which will assist with your survival journey towards the rendezvous location. Do assess carefully and use the knowledge you have learnt from NASA!

Lost At Sea

Participants: 10+

Duration: 1 hour

You and your team have chartered a boat. With no previous sailing experiences, your group is looking to enjoy a relaxing retrieve through the Pacific Ocean. The engine broke down in the middle of the sea and there was a leakage found in the engine bay. The boat is slowly sinking, the electronics are not functioning without the engine. With limited time, you and your team will have to think quick, gather all valuable resources and plan for rescue.

Learning & Development

These are "Executive Ice-breaker" which is around one hour. It can be always combine with other team building activities as a half day event. 

*It's a free option for any client who choose a half day event

- Combine with 1) Beer Brewlab, 2) Big Band

Key learning areas: Leadership, Strategic thinking, Decision making

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Practical Leadership


Strategic planning

Time Management

Big Picture

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