Participants: 30-unlimited

Location: Indoor

Duration: 3-4 hours

Energising a Conference



Project Management

Innovative mindset

Problem Solving Skill

Cross function Co-operation

Event Overview

The history of the food truck dates back centuries and has since taken a front seat in the world of American street food as part of the ongoing food revolution. Recently, you may also find some in Hong Kong. We have taken the food truck from the chassis to the banquet table, bringing you, the “Food Truck Challenge”. Teams will not only prepare delectable food truck fare but will also construct and decorate their own food truck facade, with their own food truck brand name and logo.

Learning & Development

Within the amount of time, each team must prepare their signature dish, develop a team name, design a team logo and market their creation and decorate their food truck facade. 

And of course, there is the competitive element of the event. Teams will be judged on the taste of their dish and the creativity and originality of their truck facade and logo. The Food Truck Challenge is designed to keep everyone involved, from the cutting, slicing, and dicing to the creative marketing crew. It's always the best activity for a conference or company celebration.

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