Participants: 20-100

Location: Indoor

Duration: 3 to 4 hours


Time Management

Strategic Planning

Resources Control

Big Picture

Risk & Change Management

Think out of box

Event Overview

In the land where natural resources are scares, neighbouring tribes are preying on you for their own survival. Your tribe must unite as one to protect and prosper on this sacred land and become the kings and queens above the Four Tribes!


Your team must plan and act fast in this ever-changing war between the tribes. Training warriors to protect, farmland to feed, recruiting civilians to build, and houses to the roof. Mother nature will come into play when you least expected, and sometimes the power of wizards may just come in handy!


“Four Tribes” is a sophisticated business simulation that takes teams to a journey into the many opportunities and perils of tribal rivalry.

Learning & Development

In this intense business simulation game, participants will work together as a team, using their strategic planning skills to decide movements of the everyday. Negotiation skills, strategic planning, trading, change management, risk management, delegation, relationship management, collaboration, are only some of the most crucial elements teams will get the highest score in this game.

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