Participants: 30-unlimited

Location: Indoor

Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours

Different Role, but Same Mission.
Different team, but One Goal.







One Team

Event Overview

What can you possibly do with tin-cans, umbrella, a toy car, duct tape? These items may all seem irrelevant but with you and your team’s creative minds & effort, these can be constructed into a crucial part of a machine!


Each team will plan, design and construct their own machine. Which they will be communicating and interacting with other teams to “connect” the machines together one after another. After the series of small machines are all merged together, teams will be testing and retesting to ensues, with all participants making the final adjustments to their creations to ensure that it will flow from start to finish with a bang! All teams will unite and trigger the “knock-on Effect” machine, which is full of gasps and excitement!

Learning & Development

Through planning, design, resources management and risk management during the initial stage, teams to share ideas with other teams to start off with the right strategy of construction. Teams will build their machines with a common vision and collaborate with each other to share knowledge and resources, to drive for the final success of the grand machine. Each team will be the gears of a clock, to work together for the finale.

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July 14, 2019

Case Study of "Cross functional collaboration" - HKJC

"What kind of games set up could improve cross-functional collaboration, trust and improve overall performance? Any recommendations?"

Justwork team

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August 19, 2018

Achieving "One Team One Goal" at A&F

Added Chow: “It’s our third year to have a team-building event. We wanted a different voice to comment on our team. JustWork understood our needs and proposed the team building game which matched our goals and objectives this year.”

Justwork team

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January 24, 2018

Hovione’s FIRST team building event

"This is the first time I saw you guys are REALLY working together. Hovione - ONE TEAM!" Eddy Leong, General Manager of Hovione Macau.

Justwork Team

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