Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Participants: 30-250

Location: Indoor & Outdoor

One Goal

Problem Solving Skill

Time Management


Change Management

Fun and

Exploring Excellence

Event Overview

It all begins with a group of magicians committing acts of crime in the most unthinkable ways, which participants are challenged to catch them and put them into the hands of justice within a limited time. To solve the mystery, participants must find hints/evidence around the city to hunt them down before the next victim appears.


The only useful tool each team will have is a map of the city. The first step is to use the provided information to pinpoint where they were last seen. Upon arriving at their last seen location, teams will be challenged with mind-boggling puzzles created with the latest technology, which contains clues of the next location of the magicians’ tracks.

​Upon discovering all the clues, all teams will unit as a group to reveal the truth behind “the lie”. Time is of the essence for this activity, the participant will need to have a clear & creative mind to solve all puzzles in a seemingly impossible time frame. This team building challenge will not be easy but it will bring your team around the most iconic locations of Hong Kong and enjoying the excitement of intellectual challenges through fun and laughter.

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Learning & Development

During the team building activity, participants will interact, understand each other, and develop creative solutions to solve the puzzles. The part which makes “Now You See Me” even more interesting is, that in the end, all teams will have to unite as one as they must group together to solve the very last puzzle. Teamwork and collaborative mindset are the very essence of this activity.

July 22, 2019

Now You See Me with Equinix

With an excited story-line, teams are not only rushing time or compete against other team, also have to deal with CHANGES.

Justwork team

Photo 25-1-2018, 10 04 59 PM (3).jpg

February 8, 2018

Feeling bored of city hunt? Here is what our client chose for their Annual Brand Day!

Our agents at Tory Burch had absolutely no idea at the beginning of the investigation when they were only given a sheet of paper, to put their investigative minds together and find out where the 4 knights are seen next.

Justwork team

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