One World

Participants: 30-250

Location: Indoor or In/outdoor mixed

Duration: 2-3 hours

Big Picture

Problem Solving



Innovative Thinking

Strategic Thinking

One Team
One Goal

Event Overview

Phileas Fogg travelled the entire world in only 80 days, do you think you and your team can take on this challenge to beat Phileas Fogg’s record around the world?


If you think Phileas Fogg’s adventure in “Around the World in 80 days” was impossible, then you better put together your best team to ready yourselves for this intensively engaging, intriguing challenge of “One World” where time is never on your side. You and your team will have to create the best strategy together to take on the world split into four different zones. Each zone consists of a series of challenges that possibly needs your team physically, mentally, or puzzles that will need all your brains together as one. And yes, this is a collaborative activity requires your team to work with other teams.

In the “One World” team building activity, one of the main success factors to win is uncovering the hidden skills of your team members and able to delegate throughout the challenge. With very limited time, it is imperative that your team work together as one strategically.

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Learning & Development

In “One World”, the success of each challenge depends greatly on how the team members can understand each other’s specific skills, delegate within the team based on such, collectively using innovative thinking to solve deliberately designed obstacles which encourages team members to display their true skill potentials. “One World” has also incorporated surprising elements that translates into the necessity of the team to embrace change management as well. This programme demands team members to collaborate closely together putting their brains and hands together (not limited to inter-team but also cross-team and with everyone!) to reach the common goal together in very limited time & engaging environment.

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