Participants: 15-100

Location: Indoor

Duration: 3 hours



Appreciate Cultural Diversity 


Fun and Relax

Unique  Perfume Experience

Event Overview

Brad Pitt’s very first TV commercial appearance monologing, ring any bells? Most people would think fragrance only as a scent that they enjoy smelling, yet they don’t know the complex and in-depth knowledge needed to create such aromatic experience. Floral, fruit, or even the smell of nature tests a perfumer’s skills to compose the perfect fragrance. Facilitated by an expert in perfumery, “Perfumer Challenge” gives you and your team a chance to step into the world of fragrance, working together and create a scent that belongs to you!  


In such an elegant activity, you and your team’s sense of smell will be warmed up by a small challenge of identifying by scent. Teams will then be formed and to create & present a story based on the fragrance, triggering other team’s imaginations by words and bringing them into your team’s world of fragrance. “Perfumer Challenge” will also give you an opportunity to create a fragrance (30ml for each partcipants) that represents who you are to the rest of the world, composing a scent that only belongs to you. The perfect gift to remind you of the fun and unique experience with your team.

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Learning & Development

“Perfumer Challenge” is the perfect activity to inspire you and your team’s creativity, communication, presentation, collaboration skills by scent. This unique team building activity is specifically designed to trigger your way of thinking, and adopting such skills into your daily work environment, along with your very own designed perfume!

April 11, 2019

Case Study: Perfumer Challenge (Jobsdb)

Thank you our client share their team building experience with our Perfumer Challenge to Jobsdb.

Justwork team

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June 20, 2018

Case Study: How to build up a Customer Centric culture through experiential learning?

The team at Justwork had recently customized our unique programme “Perfumer Challenge” for one of the leading Cosmetic Group in Asia, of which the customization steers all focus on the key elements of “Customer Centric Culture” through the different stages of the event.

Justwork team

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