Recreate your own

Music Video


Participants: 20-80

Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Duration: 3.5 to 4 hours

Cross function





Fun and

Uniting Team

Event Overview

Lights! Camera! 3,2,1 cue the music! You and your team will be recreating a music video that you have always wanted to be a part of!

Through the laughter of joy, teams will work together seamlessly from planning, scripting, rehearsing, choreographing, to on-site shooting as the creative brain-cells starts to flow! You will be equipped with all the hardware you will need just like a professional, to re-create some of the most iconic MVs of our era! In just a few hours,  your team will be able to complete the final-cut of the video, and walking down the red carpet for the grand premiere of music videos! Start practising your moonwalk and give your audience the best show they have ever seen!

Learning & Development

From everlasting classics to K-Pop music videos, participants will all be loosened up, freeing their rigid straight face and get creative. Stepping out of their comforts and take on roles of Actors, Directors and producers with priceless results. Through a tight schedule, teams learn to work towards perfection within a challenging time frame

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