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Authentic Leadership is all around Self-awareness

Authentic leadership is a leadership style that is increasingly being recognised and adopted by entrepreneurs and business leaders. This approach to leadership is based on the idea of being true to oneself and one's values, and it promotes transparency, honesty, and ethical behaviour.

Credit: HBS Online

Authentic leaders are self-aware and can communicate their values and beliefs honestly and sincerely. They create a culture of trust and respect within their organisations, which can lead to increased engagement, job satisfaction, and productivity among employees. By being true to their values and beliefs, they inspire and motivate their teams, creating a sense of purpose and meaning in the work that they do.

Moreover, authentic leadership can lead to improved organisational performance. By promoting transparency and ethical behaviour, authentic leaders create a culture of trust that can improve collaboration, innovation, and overall success. By prioritising the well-being of their employees and being open and honest with them, authentic leaders can create a positive work environment that fosters creativity and innovation.

However, authentic leadership is not without its challenges. It requires a great deal of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, as leaders must be able to communicate their values and beliefs effectively to their teams. Authentic leaders must also be willing to admit when they make mistakes, be open to feedback and learning, and be willing to make difficult decisions for the good of the organisation.

In conclusion, authentic leadership is a powerful approach to leading people and organisations. By leading with purpose and integrity, entrepreneurs can create a workplace culture that empowers and inspires their teams, leading to long-term success and positive social impact. Authentic leadership requires a high level of self-awareness. Still, the benefits are significant and can lead to a more engaged and productive workforce, improved organisational performance, and a positive impact on society.


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