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Capture of Panel Discussion: An Outlook to People Profession 2030

Reposting a Linkedin feed from our Partner - Mr. Will Sung@Wilosophy:

W: DISC Maps month has officially kicked off, starting without People Profession 2030 panel discussion yesterday.

If you missed it, you can catch up on the recording which streamed live on Facebook here:

W: I want to thank Alvin Leung Florence Cheng Kathy Ho Julio Orr for sharing their thoughts, insight and market data with us. And thanking Kayley Lo & Justwork Hong Kong for hosting it - truly a privilege to bounce insight over the past couple of weeks to get the panel to our audience.

To recap a few important insights and tips for HR and people professionals:

  • The great resignation or great reshuffle is real, occurring pre-COVID (rather than a hangover) and is being seen as people's need for purpose-driven work

  • There is an invisible workforce ready to come into the job market which is creating a multi-skilled and multi-generational workforce that HR needs to take note of; an example was “jobcation” for back-to-work mothers

  • Increasingly HR really needs to reflect on how they operate with an increased need to focus on marketing and media to better attract the right talent, be exposed to their company strategy and budgets, and then create & advertising the right culture climates for the right people/applicants

  • CSR is still very important, but CSV is becoming more and more needed for staff who want a more shared valued social venturing at work, leaders also see this as creating sustainability for their company

  • Whilst digital literacy skills are important, there was advice for people managers to appreciate the other peripheral skills and experience a job seeker brings, especially the soft human skills

  • The final tips were that HR needs to give feedback to candidates even if they are busy, HR should just look at the school/subjects people attended, reflect on focusing more on retaining talent rather than investing in seeking talent, and the agency workforce will become a big part of the workforce so there is a need for preparedness to screen and match, to up-skill your people there are actually government grants and funds which can be applied for to help support your training needs, and lastly, we need to 'work, and smile’ (motto of PERSOLKELLY)

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