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Case Study: How to build up a Customer Centric culture through experiential learning?

The term – CUSTOMER CENTRIC has revolved around luxury brands and retails for years to enhance internal & external communication, to maximize efficiency whilst minimizing time spent. It is NOT just a trend, but more of a CULTURE to be adopted by each and everyone within an organization. Thus, being customer centric is not mindset that can be educated or hard-coded into a daily working environment. It is more of an experiential takeaway, along with continuous effort to remind teams of such method of best practices towards internal clients, and external customers. Aligned with some of our most popular programmes, which are designed to achieve brand objectives through Experiential learning along with a tangible takeaway serving as a reminder of what was learned, we have gained substantial success in delivering CUSTOMER CENTRIC culture mindset to a number of our clients. The team at Justwork had recently customized our unique programme “Perfumer Challenge” for one of the leading Cosmetic Group in Asia, of which the customization steers all focus on the key elements of “Customer Centric Culture” through the different stages of the event.

Participants are first separated into teams, to indulge in the world of perfume by its basics including scent structures, raw materials and the know-how to become a Perfumer master to create a scent that ONLY belongs to themselves. We have made a drastic customization of this already unique experiential team building event by challenging each team with Virtual Customer! With limited time, teams must work together and create a perfume made FOR this virtual customer by understanding his/her preferences. Each team will also be presenting this team perfume to other participants to lead others into their virtual customer’s scented world. With the teams’ great effort, a “Team Collection” of mastery perfumes was born. A collection that represents their takeaway from this team building activity and now a tangible/visual/scent reminder, set in their office prominently for everyone to see and remember the elements of customer centric, which led them to the creation of this “team collection”! “Perfumer challenge” brings more to the participants than just becoming a perfumer. They will also understanding how to Collaborate, Communicate, Active-listening, and inspiring their Creativity with a journey through fragrances, ultimately to utilize such learnings and understand how they can Handle a “customer” situation internally & externally.

Being the HR partners of our client, we were trusted & appointed to plan/implement a series of events for different departments, to extend the identical experience and the mindset of “Customer Centric Culture” throughout the entire organization. The team at Justwork has decades of experience customizing team building programmes to deliver specific objectives for our clients. We are here to help YOU achieve your organization objectives in a fun & engaging environment created by our experienced facilitators. Do feel free to drop us a line at if you have any questions or an idea that we can help!

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