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Interview with our facilitator - Craig Ng

This is the second year for Craig working with Justwork as a Facilitator and Leadership programme trainer. Today we have invited Craig to share about his challenge.

Q1: What motivates you to become a facilitator?

Craig: Team building activity can improve communication between different people and improve their ability to work together. By building a strong team, people will feel a sense of belonging and loyalty to the business. A connected team can also help drive innovation. I feel deeply motivated when I can facilitate team building workshops by providing opportunities for people to work together and empowering them to improve their skills and abilities.

Q2: What is the most challenging part as a facilitator?

Craig: Facilitation is an art. And like art, it requires skill. Anyone who’s facilitated a meeting or learning event knows it takes dedication, perseverance, and deep thought about what the group really needs to progress…and sometimes, it’s tricky to figure out!

To address this, I usually frame the conversation using a few of big questions:

  • What is underlying the issue?

  • What is the true goal?

  • What are the barriers to change?

As participants work, I may ask clarifying questions and go over the responses with the participants to ensure I understand what they intended.

Q3. How is it different from retail training to team experiential activity?

Craig: "Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it”. A great team building training can empower individuals to learn material, techniques and core skills while doing a task. This has become an established method to accelerate learning through experience. The high focus on collaboration and learning from each other benefits the participant as it increases engagement. On the other hand, since the participant is immediately involved in the problem-solving activity or event, the level of ownership of the outcome is high.

Q4. An interesting moment when you facilitate one of the programs in Justwork.

Craig: The interesting moment happened when I facilitated the program called “High Flyer” and I had participants work through their Big Aha! moment about effective teamwork in front of the group.

This was wonderful for two reasons; the input and perspective from the others is golden. It also let other participants see an example of an Aha! moment, and quietly lead them towards their own moment of clarity. That precious moment made for a better and more interesting learning experience for the group.

Craig Ng is professional coach and a Retail Training Expert with 15+ leadership experience in APAC, gained from his career in Saint Laurent as General Manager and Regional Director of Gucci, and other most admired companies including Louis Vuitton and Apple. Craig’s knowledge and experience will provide clients with the best customized solution, and to attract undivided engagement with participants.

Contact us if you would like to have Craig for your next training!

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