Participants: 15-unlimited

Location: Indoor venue

Duration: 1 to 3 hours







Event Overview

When you see Jennifer Lawrence walking down the red carpet in The Oscar 18’ in that stunningly gorgeous one-piece dress glittering in camera flashes, wouldn’t you have dreamt of designing your very own to astonish the crowd? It takes more than just the designer to create such a masterpiece. The jaw-dropping piece of art goes through countless other people from sourcing the right material, purchase, and ultimately for the right person to wear and display to the world. Within a limited period, your team of designer, buyer, tailor and model work seamlessly together in order to complete the entire creation process. Provided with limited supply yet a great variety of materials, it is imperative that your team have to work together as a unit, to prepare your models for the catwalk finale and stun the crowd!

Learning & Development

Runway is arguably one of the top choices for who are looking to inspire your team to enhance on their communications, collaboration, leadership & resource management as a short activity. It’s not only to having fun, but it also ripples into you and your teams daily work environment, to implement your key take away as a member of the unit, ultimately to enhance your team efficiency to the next level.

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