330 meters above the pavement, enjoy a walk around the outer rim of Macau Tower. Swing, run and slide your way 360 degrees around Macau Tower with amazing views.

Located at the iconic Macau Tower, Skywalk X is a great event for large groups. Managed by high adventure company AJ Hackett, your group will enjoy a walk 360 degrees around the outer edge of Macau Tower. Instructors will show you how to walk, run and swing over the side of the tower, all the while taking in stunning views of Macau, Zhuhai and (on clear days) Hong Kong.

Large groups will enjoy the ability for groups to explore other aspects of the Macau Tower, including the observation deck, water front views and, if they like, other extreme sports including bungy jumping and a climb to the top of the tower’s antennae.

AJ Hackett offers a variety of team building activities and events, including Sky Drumming and Krav Manga along the tower’s outer rim. Plan a full day of fun, adventuresome team building activities at the Macau Tower!

Duration: 30 minutes

Participants: 15-25(per session)


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