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Image by Ian Stauffer


Clifton Strengths 2.0 - unearth your talents

“For organisations to maintain a competitive edge, it is essential to have the best possible leadership team in place. Leaders define and craft the future path for an organisation. It is important for leaders to develop their own skills and competencies as that would enable them to grow into their roles.” Every day, approximately 8,000 people worldwide take the Gallup’s StrengthsFinder Assessment to discover their talents and strengths. Everyone has strengths but few know which ones they possess. As a leader, identifying your strength is a valuable tool as it drives engagement, productivity and profitability. Find out your strengths and propel your way towards top performance and excellence.

Participants will…

  • Develop a deeper understanding of their Strengthsfinder results

  • Recognize how their strengths influence their ability day-to-day performance

  • Develop a common, strength-based language that will begin to enhance their organizational relationships

  • Unleash their potential: Strength and weakness

Key takeaways…

  • Self-awareness

  • Understanding perception

  • Communication

  • Self-motivation

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