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Virtual: 90/120 minutes
In-person: 120/180 minutes
Lunch & Learn: 60 minutes

By the end of the Heart Module, participants will have developed approaches to be more inclusive and connected to their colleagues, family and friends.

Participant Experience

Re-introduction to the Wellbeing at Work Programme with a focus on the Heart

  • Review of impact from previous modules

  • The importance of feeling valued in today’s world & workplace

  • The neuroscience and impact of exclusion

  • How to build a sense of belonging

The role of unconscious bias in performance

  • The value of diversity

  • An appreciation of the biases which may be driving us

  • Actions to mitigate bias

What powers happiness

  • The neuroscience behind contentment & fulfilment

  • The practice of gratitude

  • Establishing a positive calendar

New habits

  • More ideas to support the formation of new habits

Commitments as individuals/teams

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