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Virtual: 90/120 minutes

In-person: 120/180 minutes

Lunch & Learn: 60 minutes

By the end of the Purpose Module, participants will have gained a greater sense of meaning by connecting their own sense of purpose and values to their team and organisation.

Participant Experience

Re-introduction to the Wellbeing at Work Programme with a focus on Purpose

  • Review of impact from previous modules

  • The science of finding meaning through Purpose at work

  • Why engagement increases through Purpose

The restorative effects of contributing to something bigger than ourselves

  • Giving back in action

  • The power of volunteering in activating passion

Eliciting & aligning values with work

  • What values are and their fundamental impact

  • Eliciting individual values and determining what, ‘I stand for’.

  • Expressing values & connecting them to the workplace

New habits

  • Final ideas to support the formation of new habits

  • Final commitments from all modules as individuals/teams

Image by Yosef Futsum
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