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A never-ending learning journey - Interview with Mya Kwan

What motivates you to become a facilitator?

A passionate mission to inspire and be inspired. I believe we’re on a never-ending learning journey together and it is important to support people's development by providing a platform for them to connect, reflect, and learn. Facilitating programs that are learner-centric, interactive, and insightful are keys to contributing to transformative learning. It really touches my heart to experience growth alongside the learners, and I am also learning with them!

What’s the most challenging part as a facilitator?

Working with a growth mindset takes conscious effort to maintain awareness and ongoing practice to improve, especially in the face of difficulties and setbacks. It can be easy to rely on existing methodologies and habits and stay in the comfort zone when dealing with challenging projects and groups. I make it a priority to habitually think from different perspectives and question my ways of working with the intention to continuously improve, supported by network and resources.

How did you start your journey with Justwork?

A walk down memory lane! Kayley and I met working together in another company a number of years ago. When Justwork was taking off, I was honoured to be invited to join the faculty contributing to the fun, innovative, and meaningful programs. Since then, I have facilitated very diverse groups across industries and experience levels ranging from 10 to 100+ people! Thank you Justwork for involving me in the journey to create, innovate, and inspire.

One of the programmes you like the most?

DISC Maps is definitely one of them! It challenges the traditions of assessment reports and focuses on behaviour instead of personality. Behaviour is observable and encourages us to open up to having a non-judgemental dialogue between individuals and teams. Combined with its unique visual reporting aspect, this tool takes behavioural assessment to another level. Learners are more curious to read and explore their behaviour preferences and the impact, recalling the past and visualizing the future with the help of the PersonalMap and The World of Difference. The possibilities are infinite - you make it work for you.

Share one of the memorable moments with our clients.

TYCOONⓇ - Our bespoke business simulation board game cultivates a mindset shift for dealing with change more effectively. During the mid-debrief of that program, one learner was struggling to accept different perspectives in strategizing the game creatively. Through further discussions between us, he came to the realization that he exhibited reluctance at the first sight of facing change, which is not a helpful mindset to approach challenges. Having this realization helped him open up to brainstorming ideas and possibilities he didn't consider before, leading him to embrace new opportunities. To me, this story really demonstrated the power and impact of TYCOON, making people reflect, raise awareness, and think beyond "business as usual."


"Thank you so much for interviewing Mya today. It was such a pleasure to learn more about her passion and story." - Justwork team

About Mya: Mya Kwan is a passionate facilitator and educator with a mission to inspire and be inspired. She believes we are on a never-ending learning journey together. Mya designs learning experiences across various industries, facilitates globally, and is driven to do purposeful work. Her programs are experiential, interactive, and insightful.

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