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Interview with Jessica, Facilitator of Justwork

To celebrate our official anniversary on June, we invite our core team member to talk more about themselves and their thoughts. Here we have Jessica Chung, a rising star in training industry!

Why did you join Justwork?

Several years ago, I came across a quote that goes like this: “The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work & play.”; it helped to shape my career aspiration. When I met the founders of Justwork, I felt that their vision & my aspiration can be a good fit. They strive for an innovative, result-driven & collaborative atmosphere, & is also committed to the realization of my career aspiration. I also admire their passion in generating tangible social benefit to the world. My role as a facilitator allows me to utilize my experience in business lecturing & marketing consulting, while growing capabilities in organizational learning & development. After working with Justwork team & facilitating different workshops for global organizations such as Shiseido, Tory Burch, & Hovione, I feel grateful to have taken the leap of faith to join the company.

Memorable moments with Justwork

One of the memorable moments at Justwork was the facilitation of “Now You See Me” an indoor & outdoor activity for the global fashion brand Tory Burch. Participants of the team building activity included management from corporate office as well as frontline staffs from retail shops. It was a fulfilling experience to see the participants having enjoyable time at the event with interactive learning, while achieving the planned goals – leading employees to feel valued & allowing store teams to gain better understanding about the corporate office team.

Your favourite programme at Justwork

I find our team at Justwork dare to go beyond the status quo, we regularly explore new ways to integrate innovative ideas into the company’s suite of programmes. My favourite programme is “Knock on Effect”, which aims to enhance the participants’ personal empowerment, cooperative problem solving, communication & team leadership skills. When I was helping at “Knock on Effect” - one of our indoor team building activity for the global pharmaceutical company Hovione, I could see how the dynamics among participants evolved. It was also encouraging to see how they transformed into a more synergistic team. More importantly, such transformation was never dull but fun, & it certainly blurs the line between work & play. Thank you Jessica. It's great to have you in our family. Want to see her in your next event? CONTACT US NOW ( !

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