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Disruptive Evolution – Coacilitator

This is an exclusive interview with Ms. Kayley Lo – Director of Justwork Hong Kong.

(1) Justwork has been in the market for 3 years, what has been the greatest attribute to its success?

K: It feels like yesterday when I was sitting at Starbucks thinking of our company logo. It has been literally an eventful three years for Justwork. We were very fortunate to find experienced full time event team to help with the delivery of events, Design/Creative team to produce brand new team building activities, and also finding well experienced coaches in the industry who shares the same passion as us who are now evolved to a new form of coach/facilitator/trainer - "Coacilitator" And of course, the most important key factor of Justwork today is the trust we have gained from our clients, to believe in our process, our methodology, and became our long term “client partner”.

(2) You’ve mentioned a hybrid coach/facilitator you call a “Coacilitator”. What are the main focuses of assessment when you are getting a "Coacilitator" partner on board?

K: There hasn’t been a rigid checklist that I would tick off when I am looking for a "Coacilitator" but we do look at mainly from the coaching space especially from group coaching, following with facilitators and trainers. Being a pioneer in this brand-new position, we are more focused on their passion for impact, driving change, learn, and passion to inspire.

We will also be assessing the potential "Coacilitator" by learning about their “process”. The process that he or she will undergo to design, create or customize an effective training or team building based on different objectives and goals. Another few key elements will be more on passion, innovative mindset and tools.

(3) Can you tell us the difference between a facilitator, coach and a "Coacilitator"?

K: In today’s world, organizations are all evolving and looking for people with slashes, people with the abilities to do more than what their job title entails. A "Coacilitator" is no different. A coach/facilitator who possesses the ability to facilitate a large group of participants, delivering of a successful activity, achieving the objectives set in a short period of time, whilst able to make detailed observations on the participants to provide our clients with valuable insights AND answering the question most traditional training companies turns a blind eye on - There is always a purpose of taking the first step. You leave the home because you have to go to work. Getting into the elevator because you have to go down for an ice-cream, or watering your plant being you want to see it grow. Team building is no different. Companies who see the value of investing in their people, they are looking to grow together with their employees. Our team with these companies to answer that question of “What's next?”, by providing detailed observations, analysis, and designing a progressive plan of engagement which aligns with company’s direction. It's to assist our clients to achieve the ultimate goal not only focusing on one-two days effect.

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