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Recap of TYCOON launch event

Thank you all for those who had physically joined us and those who joined via ZOOM on April 29.

It was definitely a great successful launch of TYCOON! We were honoured to be joined by HR professionals & leaders who had the interest to explore TYCOON for their next business simulation workshop or adding TYCOON to their training toolbox.

Our launch event was separated into two sessions, and the Founding Team of TYCOON had great fun delivering the trial workshop to all of those who had reserved their seats, for the first-hand experience of how we have incorporated Experiential Learning, Business Simulation, Technology and FUN into a proprietary game, targeted to audiences of leaders, managements and millennial, with the aim to inspire Self Awareness, Multi-Dimensional Thinking, and Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Missed this chance to understand this powerful experiential learning tool? It's never been too late! Please visit the separate website

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