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Case Study of "Cross functional collaboration" - HKJC

"What kind of games set up could improve cross-functional collaboration, trust and improve overall performance? Any recommendations?"

Collaboration is a natural part of working in teams, and in most organizations, it happens organically within functions or business units. However, it is less likely to occur across different roles, departments or functions - which are precisely the areas in that has the potential for the maximum impact. Cross-functional collaboration is critical to improving business performance.

In one of our award-winning programmes "Knock On Effect", everyone would pick a dedicated role within their small team, a simulation of a real working environment. Each role has his/her own responsibility but equally important. They would face different challenges in different phases. To achieve the ultimate goal, team collaboration and communication also are never enough.

Here are just a few of its advantages:

1) Different perspectives spur innovation

2) Increased momentum of change

3) Everyone learns more

4) Old ideas are challenged

5) The playing field is levelled

Well done HKJC! We look forward to our next event soon.

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