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Case Study: Perfumer Challenge (Jobsdb)

Thank you our client share their team building experience with our Perfumer Challenge to Jobsdb.

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Overview: Participants were formed into teams for the workshop, which contained debriefing and contest sessions. In the debriefing session, the participants learned about the perfume making technique and the theory of how different perfume notes, reflecting various personalities. In the contest session, the facilitator led a discussion about the role and behaviour of team members and the participants were encouraged to share their views of the whole process in the workshop.

At the end of the workshop, each participant would create a personal bespoke scent for themselves as well as collectively create a scent for the company based on its DNA, values and image. This activity enhanced the company’s image in employees’ mind and increased their sense of belonging to the company. Throughout the process, the team members could understand each other’s role, personality and behaviour better, which would facilitate the team to work effectively and happily. The soft skills such as problem solving, communication and creativity could also be polished.

Tip for hosting the activity: The workshop is suggested to be conducted by a professional in both perfume making and training field.

We have a wide range of activities, and definitely - we are not someone who still ask their team to play with sticky marshmallow or making plane by A4 paper. A true team building experience should be able to bring not only fun or instant impact on the team you may see during the event, but it should also be able to inspire people to result in their long term behaviour changes and ultimately to be a better team.

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