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Case Study: Engage with Gen Z - Gammon


Date: November 2018 Programme: Dream City, Food Truck Challenge, Now You See Me

Facilitator: Ms. Mya Kwan

Objectives: Networking, Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurial, Leadership, Accountability, Team work


“Rome is not built in one day” – a famous quote from the late 1100s that has kept many motivated, inspired, and work together to achieve the end goal. The meaning behind this quote was entirely demonstrated in our 2-day team building programme customized for GAMMON.

a 2 full day training for their graduate engineers along with their senior staff. Consisting of 3 team building programmes and a half day soft skills training delivered to all participants including gen Z & Millennial. Justwork is honoured to be appointed by GAMMON to design/plan/facilitate the 2-full day event, of which also marks the 2 years “graduation” day for graduate engineers at GAMMON construction. Upon an extensive consultation with our client, we have incorporated specific objectives to be met within the 2 days training, and ultimately created an opened platform for senior staff to engage with graduate engineers, listen to the gen Z’s of their opinion, and connect with Millennials who are the rising leaders of future.

We started the engagement with Dream City, a highly engaging signature programme created by Justwork, to provide an environment for our engineers to put their academic knowledge to action. Working in separate teams, participants must work efficiently to design, craft, and create the city of their dreams. They must also keep a constant inter-team communication to make sure the macro design of the city is in sync where roads are not cut off, buildings are in the right places, and with the right balance of recreational facilities/greenness.

The final result of Dream City was stunning and the participants were already excited for the next session – Food Truck Challenge. The teams are now rearranged into different mix and they are now crowned as founding team of their Food Truck business! They are challenged to create a mouth-watering combo meal with the ingredients Justwork has made available, along with a Food Truck’s façade so their business can gain the eye balls over their neighbouring competitors! Our young “entrepreneurs” at GAMMON did a fantastic job with their Food Truck and did an outstanding presentation of their food to let their competitors know how they have collectively worked together from the idea to reality!

Feedback from HR "Thanks for the good work of your team! The participants appreciate about all the arrangement and there are some insight for them. This is exceeded our expectation!"

Feedback from Participants "The trainer facilitated my participation in the camp and stimulated deeper thought."

"It was a precious experience to work with so many people together in a limited time. "

"It helps us experience how we participate in a project in the real working situation." "Through the communication with directors and senior staff from different departments, it provided me with valuable insights and precious suggestion for my work. They let me know what I should do or not do in order to prevent some failures from happening in the future."

Good job Justwork onsite team - a group of 10 supported to this meaningful workshop, and thank you for your trust, Gammon. We promise, there will be something new and fun, for this year and coming years!

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