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Hovione’s FIRST team building event

Hovione, a Portuguese company that produces active pharmaceutical ingredients and conducts drug product intermediates development and compliant manufacture. Their Macau office contacted us through our partner-My Macau Team on October 2017 while they were searching different options for their first team building.

When we were discussing on the suggested activities, we also talked a bit about our global charity partner B1G1 - when client partners with us on choosing any of our activities or training workshop, we will choose projects of higher impact, and donate on behave of our client. We found that Hovione is actually a B-Corp company.

"To build a better world is part of our company’s sustainability policy. Its vision is that one day all companies compete not only to be the best in the world, but the Best for the World. Look like we are on the same boat!" Shirley Tou, HR Director of Hovione Macau said.


Few months after, we have delivered their very first team building event, "Knock On Effect" for their management team. We divided the group into small teams, each team built their stations with a common vision and collaborated with others to share knowledge and resources. Teams were like the gears of a clock, rushed against time in the event. The result was amazing, teams were all working together not only at their own stations but all focused on ONE GOAL. "This is the first time I saw you guys are REALLY working together. Hovione - ONE TEAM!" Eddy Leong, General Manager of Hovione Macau.

After the great result with only a small touch up, teams shared their thoughts, challenges and goal of new year. And finally we received compliments from client.

"I am happy to see everyone enjoy so much the activity including myself. what the team pocketed after the fun is important, I think the goal has achieved. I am sure that we will be in touch soon for other team building. Please say thanks to the facilitator Jessica as she did a wonderful job" Shirley said.

"It is our first team building event and it has been planned for few years. I can see there are more to come soon. Thank you JustWork.”Eddy said.

Our team were all happy to see all objectives met for Hovione's event and the most important - SMILEY FACES on every participants when we review the photos.

We believe, there are more smiley faces we would meet in every future event. :)


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