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Virtual: 120 minutes x2

In-person: 180 minutes x 2

In this course, you will learn to articulate a compelling vision for your organization's future based on identifying and enhancing business value. Smart leaders realise that career advancement is based on the business results they achieve rather than the knowledge they hold, and in today’s world of rapid change, agility is required to deliver these results. With this Agile Leadership course, you will apply and facilitate an Agile leadership framework, realise your career aspirations, and advance your organization’s goals.

  • Conveyed their vision in an engaging manner to those with a different style of communication.

  • Enhanced their strategic thinking and business plans to create future success.

  • Identified ways they can enhance their personal focus and style of leadership to create better business outcomes.

  • Learn the Leadership Agility Model for expanding leadership capacity

  • Understand the agile approach to leading and executing changes by understanding the impact on the people involved

  • Develop strategies to increase resilience and motivation, while managing and mitigating resistance

  • Learn how to apply the transformational and transactional model in practice

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