Participants: 20-unlimited

Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours

Cross function



Role Responsibility

Fun and

One Team

Event Overview

We strongly believe there’s a musician is everyone, which is why we have designed Big Band to bring out the best of each person! Big Band is one of the most exhilarating activities that will surely liven the crowd. Using infectious rhythms, we can transform a group of individuals into a huge band!

Starting in grouped teams with a professional percussionist, your team will be taught the basics of beats and breaks. Given the warm-up practices, preparing you to move onto the different instruments assigned to different groups. Soon enough, you and your team will become an actual professional musician to conduct an epic and stunning finale together!

Music has always been an international language that brings people together. With Big Band, every individual is involved! Even the shy and quiets ones are soon breaking out of their character shinning under the spotlight as they play their instrument with great confidence with colleagues! 

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Learning & Development

This fun & motivating program reiterates that when each participant and team shall fulfil their role and work in sync, the end goal will be achieved. Big Band will definitely energize your colleagues while uniting teams of different functions, giving them a chance to learn about each other through fun & motivating activity that they will definitely remember!

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