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Virtual: 120 minutes / In-person: 120 minutes

Business lives have changed virtually overnight, from having co-located staff who can communicate face-to-face, to entire organisations operating remotely. Some businesses have been running like this for years and have found that meetings do not need to take place face-to-face. For other organisations, this is unfamiliar territory. In this course, you’ll learn what the key elements are of virtual meetings, and how they differ from meeting in-person. You’ll learn about the technologies available, how to set up meetings, ensure everyone participates, and how to manage the meeting towards the objective you have for the session. You’ll leave with all the skills you need to set up your own virtual meeting and make it an engaging and productive event.

This course will:

  • Teach you the key elements of any meeting, and how these need to be adapted to a virtual platform

  • Show you the technology options available to you as you schedule your virtual meetings, as well as the most useful features of each

  • Help you to manage the personalities in a virtual meeting, even when you’re

not face-to-face

  • Give you a real-life virtual meeting to take part in (or host) to put your new skills into practice.

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