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team building Hong Kong
team building team building Hong Kong


Participants: 30-200

Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Duration: 3 to 4 hours






Problem Solving

One Team

Event Overview

Build, design, and pilot your team’s one-of-a-kind aeroplane with our 2018 brand new indoor/outdoor team building programme – “High Flyers”! The sky is the limit with “High Flyers” and to complete the build, you will need ALL of your team mates’ efforts; to compete in the grand finale when ALL planes take flight to new heights! 

Participants will need to put their best foot (and brain) forth to craft the aeroplane from sheets of material and the team challenge does not end there! Just like all international airlines, teams also must use all of their creativity and imagination to differentiate their aeroplane and make sure their team wins in style!

Learning & Development

In this intense and engaging activity, participants will need to be very conscious of time management, creative, collaborate, delegate, communicate, and work as one team in order to become “High Flyers” – achieving more than they can possibly imagine!

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