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Virtual: 120 minutes

In-person: 180 minutes

Lunch & Learn: 60 minutes

The world we live in is often a confusing place that moves at pace and in ways that are unpredictable – frequently termed as a VUCA environment. This means that we are facing more than ever in our lives, Volatility – increasing rate of change, Uncertainty – less clarity about the future, Complexity – multiplicity of decision factors and Ambiguity – there is often more than one ‘answer’. This module also forms a comprehensive change management programme where of a series of three (individual, management & leadership) modules considers how to address change in a VUCA World from different perspectives.

In this course, you will understand:

  • Communication and behavioural science under change

  • Dealing with resistance to change; and

  • How to manage others through change in a VUCA World.

  • Understanding the change equation; and

  • Managing change effectively – Lewin’s 3 stages

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