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Feeling bored of city hunt? Here is what our client Tory Burch chose for their Annual Brand Day!

It was great fun to work alongside with the agents at Tory Burch to catch the 4 Knights in our programme Now You See Me! Our 10 teams of agents were highly energetic, collaborating to race against the clock to catch the 4 knights behind all of the ingeniously designed physical & mind-boggling team building challenges!

Our agents at Tory Burch had absolutely no idea at the beginning of the investigation when they were only given a sheet of paper, to put their investigative minds together and find out where the 4 knights are seen next. And when they thought that they have a solid direction of where to go, the 4 knights was already a step ahead of them to leave misleading hints behind. It was not long before our intelligent agents at Tory Burch caught up, figuring out all the hints, 10 teams working hand in hand together to put the 4 knights to justice!

The team at Justwork had a blast working with Tory Burch! A group of highly energetic, intelligent, and fun agents who completed this team building activity, with a great smile on everyone’s face! We look forward to working with you guys for a good cause soon!

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