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Virtual: 120 minutes / 120 minutes x2

Even as a seasoned presenter, moving into the world of virtual meetings provides us with additional challenges and potential communication barriers to overcome, to ensure our messages land clearly with our clients. The Presentation Skills virtual course will help you communicate your message with authority and influence when presenting over an online meeting platform.

We will provide you with feedback on your current presentation style and build on your confidence as a presenter over the virtual platform.

On this course, you will:

  • Build on your skills as a presenter.

  • Practice projecting and varying the pitch, pace and tone of your voice.

  • Use posture and movement to give additional impact.

  • Prepare presentations to be interesting, persuasive and to communicate key messages.

  • Interact with the virtual audience and manage challenging questions.

This course can be followed up with group coaching for an assignment. We can deliver two different levels of programme to cater for presenters with basic to advanced levels of presentation skills and knowledge.

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