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Virtual: 90/120 minutes

In-person: 120/180 minutes

Lunch & Learn: 60 minutes

By the end of the Body Module, participants will have articulated their own chosen new habits around sleep, exercise and diet and created team charters for sticking to their commitments.

Participant Experience

Introduction to the Wellbeing at Work Programme

  • The importance of wellbeing today

  • How wellbeing supports resilience & performance

  • The modular programme approach

The role of Movement in supporting performance

  • The physiological science & links to mental wellness

  • The workplace approaches that can be adopted

The role of Nutrition in supporting performance

  • The neuroscience behind a healthy diet

  • Unhealthy eating and drinking & effective workplace swaps

The role of Sleep in supporting performance

  • The science and benefits of being well-rested

  • How to improve sleep hygiene

New habits

  • The drivers behind the formation of new habits

  • Commitments as individuals/teams

Image by bruce mars
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