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Virtual: 90/120 minutes

In-person: 120/180 minutes

Lunch & Learn: 60 minutes

By the end of the Mind Module, participants will have begun to practice new ways to proactively maintain their mental wellness and they will have agreed internal ways of working to support this mindset.

Participant Experience

Re-introduction to the Wellbeing at Work Programme with a focus on the Mind

  • Review of impact from Module 1

  • The importance of mental wellness and resilience

  • How stress affects workplace performance

Mental wellness approaches

  • The value of talking & listening

  • Institutions, charities and existing workplace support systems

The importance of being present & learning mindset for performance

  • Managing distractions & the myth of multitasking

  • Why working on your learnability is good for well-being

Mindfulness to train the attention muscles

  • The science behind mindfulness

  • An experience of mindfulness training

New habits

  • More ideas to support the formation of new habits

  • Commitments as individuals/teams

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