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Inspired by Apple, this is JUSTWORK.

The Justwork’s team is back after a busy holiday! We are honoured to be selected by our trusted clients and are thrilled to deliver the team building events in the coming months!

Looking back to when Justwork was established, we are proud of what we have accomplished. Being recognized by our clients of our abilities, knowledge, professionalism in this industry is irreplaceable. We made a bold statement of disrupting this industry when we started, and our team has never stopped to strive towards it. To give our clients the impact, and something modern, something different.

In the second quarter of 2017, the founders of Justwork created our key objective statement - “Better People, Better Future” is what our team believes, and it speaks to our core mission, to inspire your team to enhance, for the better future for all. A statement, a commitment, a promise that we will keep for the years to come!

Justwork sees an uprising trend, of companies willing to invest more in developing their greatest assets – their people, though different methods like team building, workshops, gatherings. It is our mission and purpose to extend our services to those companies, to inspire these talents into the rising stars with our most unique & valuable activities delivered by professional facilitators.

Many HR professionals have asked us “How does Justwork define itself and how are you different from other companies within the same industry?” A question that anyone in our team can answer. We despise companies in the same industry that claims to be innovative, yet only to introduce programmes from the 90s. Justwork is here to INNOVATE and CREATE brand new programmes that’s never been seen. We are here to bring team building especial SUITED for the young rising stars and management level that our clients want to invest in!

There are many companies in our industry out there who are claiming themselves to be Event Planners. Justwork sees it differently.

Justwork has set foot to be the Learning and Development Partner of our clients, an external arm of their business, dedicated and devoted to help our clients to reach their corporate objectives and long term goals , along with providing our first-in-market, post event report that provides valuable analysis data and long term planning. We deeply understand that it will take quite some time to turn the perception of L&D being a very traditional method of delivery, to change the thought of it being a “one-off excitement” or “one-off event” is not going to be easy. But we are determined to educate our clients otherwise. There is no shortcut to the final goal and Justwork will help show the PATH to achieve it.

Historically, there has been are countless business cases where innovation will takeover what was once a monopolized market, look at the mobile phones for instance. NOKIA had it all, being one of the biggest names with sky rocketing figures worldwide and suddenly comes Apple’s i-phone. NOKIA stumbled hard and still had their head in the sand believing that they are the market leaders until it was way too late. The helm of #1 was taken over, by innovation, understanding of users’ needs. For the war of mobile phone, Apple was able to innovate from it, and let the world know, that it can be more than a phone. And now we name it SMART PHONE but less mobile phone. One of the main reason of iPhone’s success, was bringing added value to their customers on top of something that the customers already needs. They have always paid much respect to their competitors and focusing on their product development. Instead of wasting time telling and advertising how much better they are, they kept their heads down and created something FOR the customers.

Apple’s iPhone victory has been an inspiration to us at Justwork. Taking their efforts and dedication to innovation, we are fueled with this mindset to continue striving to creating the most unique experiences for our clients and continue to create more digital tools similar to our post event report to be the HR partners of our clients.

We are proud of what we have accomplished in only over one year, thanking all the clients who has trusted us, and we would also like to show respect to other companies in our industry who has worked hard to serving their clients. Justwork on fire---!!

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